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Join us and the world will live as one

This brand is focused around John Lennon (John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE an English guitarist, singer, and songwriter who co-founded the Beatles). I started my research on John Lennon and trying to find a corporate identity that could fit well with his individual traits, nothing stood
out more than his trademark, blue shaded, round sunglasses. His sunglass trend started in the early 60’s still seen in today’s society as hip, retro sunglasses. One of John Lennon’s most famous traits was by forming a community that would have supported his cause in creating peace in society.

Therefore I have decided to do a Sunglasses corporation. The name for this company is “Ono Sunglasses”. The reason why I have chosen
 this name is because once John Lennon married Yoko Ono, in 1969, he changed his middle name to John “Ono” Lennon.  My target market ranges from 17 year olds and up. Younger generations are starting to return to their roots in correspondence to style. Older generations will have their memories refreshed with how sunglass styles where originally made and how their generation has grown and yet stayed the same.

Colour & Logo

Through thorough investigation of the letters of John “Ono” Lennon’s middle name, I had a sudden realisation that the letters of “Ono” shapes the fundamental shape of sunglasses. Seeing that he trademarked rounded lens shades, this was an opportunity where I can create a witty, retro, yet elegant corporate identity.

My corporate identity’s main purpose is to bring back that 60’s feel in our modern/old school sunglass merchandise.

Mine Shaft








Corporate Identity

Mobile Application

This IOS applications primary function is to satisfy the needs of users who want to preview sunglasses in the privacy of their own home.  This application is designed to simplify the act of trying on glasses to view what fits with your face structure as well as your type of style.

The easy usage and instructions given throughout the application makes it easy for anyone to use and enjoy. 


The Kiosk is a representation of how an in-store product screen viewer will work and look.  The main function of this kiosk is to draw peoples attention and by giving them as much information around a certain pair of sunglasses as possible.  This will allow the client to get invested into the specific pair they want to buy.

This “prototype” was created in Adobe Flash, where you can see how the animations and styling of the kiosk will look and act.