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Wandering Together

This project is focused around Baudelaire’s 19th century concept of the flâneur. A flâneur is, most of the time, a man who saunters around observing society.

Focused around interactive media, I decided to design a mobile application that allows you to experience several events/locations from several perspectives.
Focusing around socializing and showcasing your experi- ence with friends and family.


Logo & Colour

The WANDR logo is created with a mindset of literally what it means to wander. Representing a compass, that shows navigation and exploring, and the lines around the logo represents your routes. As you are wandering you create your own destination, to the extent where you’re not even sure anymore where you are going.

But is that always a bad thing? The logo represents captivation within your own exploration.





Barley Corn


Mine Shaft


IOS 6 & IOS 8 Icon | Icon Set

Mobile Application & User Flow Diagram

The concept of this application is to unify friends and family to execute experiences together, allowing one another to gather their point of views and create a unified exploration to share through social media. It’s an IOS based application that allows you to either join or create an event, where all the photos, videos and audio recordings are shared through a timeline that can be shared via social media.

This concept was chosen, reason being that we had to execute this project in relation with Baudelaire’s 19th century concept of the flâneur.

Prototype Animation

Here is a prototype animation of how the mobile application functions. Emphasis is put on the intro screen of the application, where a user engages in the login sequence and is confronted with the tutorial screen of how the app works. Focus was placed on the fluency of each individual graphic. The animation of the logo is also featured heavily within this presentation.

Only the first few steps are animated for the sake of an introduction reveal of the app itself.