Time to tell your story with a website that suits your needs and essentials.

I offer custom website design and WordPress development, tailored to suit my clients unique requirements. In addition, my packages include web hosting, web maintenance/support and monthly/bi-monthly analytics reports.

Discuss client needs

It is very important for me to understand my clients perspective regarding a website's significance and representation.

Research ideas

This step includes compiling inspiration as well as researching close competition, assuring a better product is created.



Wireframes are the blueprint of your website. This will represent where certain elements will go throughout your website and its functionality.


This allows me to implement the style of the website into the layout while adapting user experience, ensuring design ease of use.

Web design

Designing a website with a collection of colors, text styles, graphics and images which is created from researching and wireframing.

Front-end development

By exercising my knowledge on HTML/CSS and making use of WordPress, I can create a flexible and customisable website.

Content & Events Based Website

The South African Hall of Fame

The South African Hall of Fame at Sun Central is a state-of-the-art interactive exhibition that celebrates the achievements of South Africa’s legends.

Through this website I was briefed to organize inductees content and imagery in a user-friendly manner. Within the site you can find upcoming events, information about The South African Hall of Fame as well as knowledge about all the inductees. But it’s not just their talents, skills and successes on show here, it’s how they helped shape the South African story that will inspire you and dare you to dream.

Content Based Website

Tweerivier Wild

Tweerivier Wild is a reserve/farm on the Selons River in the heart of the Pilansberg Bushveld, where they breed exceptional animals.

This website is purely content based, where the content and imagery was structured in a manner of storytelling. A one-pager with all the necessary information that steadily reveals more and more information about the farm. The approach to this website was to give the website in its entirety a very elegant look and feel. This was achieved by making use of consistent thin line iconography and typography.

Artist Based Website


A South African based multi-instrumentalist duo where they are established musicians in the South African music scene.

Creating this website was a true honor and was really fun to do for Academie. They left me with al lot of creative freedom when it came to the generating of graphics for the website. The website is just for their startup EP, seeing that it is in a “beta” mode, it only has videos and a basic contact form. Academie is looking at a brush up on their site in adding more web pages and information.

Content Based Website

Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics

Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics offers a diverse range of services such as fixed- and rotary-wing airborne gradient magnetic and radiometric, EM & gravity surveys.

The creation of this site was quite a challenge, regarding the mass amount of content that had to be simplified and organized, but I believe the execution of the site was properly done in terms of neat and tidiness. I gave it a very clean look, using their red as an accent to give the website that “pop” factor. Also I did their team photographs for their team section.